About the SLGBTA

The SLGBT Alliance is a Not for Profit Organization within Second Life running various events to raise money for LGBT Organizations in Real Life.

The mission of The SLGBT Alliance is to hold charitable events, bringing together the LGBT Communities of Second Life and donate proceeds from these events to various out-of-world charities to further the cause of the LGBT Communities worldwide.

Real Life Charities will receive our donations via Paypal accounts listed on their website.

The SLGBT Alliance is not affiliated with any charity. All monies raised will be made as a general donation.
Expense Disclosure:

Members of the SLGBTA are volunteers, and will organize and run events using their donated time and will not take a salary.

Ideally we would like our expenses for each event to not exceed 10% of the monies raised. This is not a for-certain percentage as Land Rentals, Event Decor and/or Texture Uploads may occur.

The SLGBTAlliance Resident Avatar will keep a minimum balance of L$1000 “petty cash” on hand at all times.